Body Scrub Benefits

Besides feeling wonderful, a body scrub can have several rejuvenating benefits for the skin. body scrubBody scrubs gently remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the outer layer of skin. This helps to unclog pores and expose your skin’s underlying healthier layers.

  1. Improves circulation
  2. Reduces stress – this has as much to do with the process of rubbing the scrub as it is with the ingredients
  3. Invigorates and energizes the body and mind
  4. Sloughs off dead skin cells and makes skin smooth
  5. Gives skin a healthy glow – dead skin cells make skin look dull; removing them with a scrub allows new skin to shine
  6. Promotes the growth of new skin cells.
  7. Effectively moisturizes and hydrates the skin. When scrubs are washed away, a light oily residue is left behind. The skin will be nourished deeply as the oil soaks in
  8. Sugar scrubs are best for face and body as they are more gentle and salt scrubs are great for hands and feet
  9. Coconut oil is anti-fungal & anti-bacterial & an anti-oxidant


Skin Glow

One of the biggest benefits to body scrubs, particularly the salt scrub, is the glow that your skin is left with. There are different grades of salt, and sea salt is the best option for a salt glow. The results for your body will depend on the type and grade of salt you  use.


Body scrubs are a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells. This paves the way for fresh new cells to regenerate and leaves you looking and feeling fabulous. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to stick with sugar or herbal body scrubs. Otherwise, salt scrubs are great for exfoliation.

Increasing Flow

When you get a body scrub or give one to yourself, you are encouraging the natural flow of circulation and bodily fluids within. When you have a professional massage therapist apply the body scrub, a massage can be incorporated. This will increase the correct circulation and flow benefits.

Improve Cellulite and Aging

There are some claims that certain types of body scrubs can actually improve the look of aging and dimpled skin from cellulite. There is no miracle cure, but it certainly won’t hurt to try a body scrub that is enhanced with coffee. Coffee grounds are the best option for use on cellulite prone areas of the body.


Having a body scrub done by a professional allows you to incur the benefit without the mess or stress.  Lavender is a great choice because of its known relaxing qualities. There may be other scents that you find relaxing, so be sure to ask if essential oils can be incorporated.

Getting a body scrub done at a spa regularly can be expensive, but there are many options to like buying handmade scrubs from Silky Hands and Happy Feet.  With the benefits that body scrubs allow, the effort is worth it.